Traces of Generations

  • Location: The Residence of Princess Ljubica, 8 Kneza sime Markovića St.
  • Date: November 25 – December 31, 2015
  • Organisation:

    Belgrade City Museum and Cultural Element

  • Impressum:

    Tadija Miletić, author of exhibition; Vuk Miletić, producent; Ivan Plazačić, photography and design; Nada Jeftenić, PR

“More than thirty families will exhibit dozens of items related to their family history and show us the things that they have kept for generations. Along with items that belonged to prominent persons, such as Persida Karađorđević, the exhibits include personal details from the family tradition of our contemporaries, such as the actor Ivan Bosiljčić, dramatist and director Siniša Kovašević, actress Ljiljana Blagojević, conductor Vesna Šouc, singer Oliver Njego, pianist Nikola Rackov, and many others”, said Tadija Miletić, the head of the Cultural Element organization.

Cultural Element has announced a rich accompanying programme during the exhibition, with the personal involvement of members of the mentioned families, as well as an accompanying exhibition at the building of the Zemun Municipality, which has supported the exhibition.

Cultural Element is an organization founded in 2011 in Belgrade. Its members are young artists and professionals, experts in their artistic fields. It organizes a number of cultural activities with the idea of raising awareness about culture and cultural programmes and is involved in considerable sponsorship.