Authors: Darko Ćirić, Biljana Stanić and Vladimir Tomić

465 pages

22 x 28 cm


Belgrade 2008

Vreme ulice: politika na javnim prostorima Beograda u XX veku


Take a walk through the streets and squares of Belgrade and take part in the events that marked the 20th century. Attend coronations, royal weddings, religious processions, May Day and military parades, rallies, large public meetings, demonstrations, coups d'etat and bombing raids, welcome eminent world travellers and witness the collapse of value systems.

This exhibition catalogue covers political events in the streets and squares of Belgrade in the 20th century. In that period, Belgrade was not only the capital of Serbia and Yugoslavia but also an important European centre coming through major changes. The processes and events that marked Serbia's 20th-century history had their roots and consequences in Belgrade and its streets. The catalogue provides a detailed chronological overview covering more than 2500 events illustrated by several hundred photographs.