author: Darko Ćirić

331 pages

21 x 24 cm


Belgrade 2011
900,00 дин

Gradski nomad - beogradski zapisi fotoreportera Aleksandra Ace Simića


Aleksandar Aca Simić (1898–1971) was one of the most important photographers in Serbia before World War II. Born in Belgrade and studied architecture and design in Paris and Belgrade, Simić was awarded the Commemorative Medal for the Withdrawal of Serbian Army through Albania in the First World War. His creative endeavours were focused on photography and he made his career by working in editorial offices of Belgrade newspaper publishers for four decades. Between 1925 and 1941, Aleksandar Aca Simić worked as a newspaper photographer and photography editor for Belgrade daily newspaper Politika, becoming the avant-garde of professional newspaper photography.

Тhe catalogue brings 400 Simić's photographs from Belgrade City Museum collections. This book offers description and dating of each photo and historical data and stories related to the represented events, personalities, scenes and buildings.

The catalogue followed the exhibition An Urban Nomad, in new Museum's building, in 40b Resavska Street.