Author: Vladimir Tomić

276 pages

34 x 24 cm


Belgrade 2012
2000,00 дин

Breg za razmišljanje: Beograd na gravirama od XVI-XIX veka


The extensive monograph contains colour reproductions of 202 engravings selected to present Belgrade not only for their artistic quality, but also because of the historical context depicted in them. Extraordinarily beautiful panoramas of Belgrade were usually printed in economically strong centres of graphic art. Since the 19th century, they were also printed in Belgrade, the capital of the new Serbian state. The choice of topics in the engravings follows the fate of the city shown in the vedute. Accordingly, the most common motifs are war scenes, but there are also a number of plans and genre scenes.

This long-awaited monograph ultimately unveils multiple layers of publicist, authorial and artistic adventures unfolding around the Hill for Contemplation, as the Serbian capital was often called in the Orient.