Authors: Danijela Vanušić, Angelina Stojanović, Pavao Poša

114 pages

22.5 x 16.5 cm


Belgrade 2012
500,00 дин
Језик публикације

The Residence of Princess Ljubica - The Interiors of 19th-Century Homes in Belgrade


This luxury furnished edition, in Serbian and English version, contains a historical introduction that gives readers insight of the period when Residence was built and used as a residence and in a clear, intuitive and vivid way, takes the visitor through the permanent display "Interiors of 19th-Century Homes in Belgrade".

"The Residence of Princess Ljubica - Interiors of 19th-Century Homes in Belgrade" is a book about the construction, history and destiny of one of the few surviving buildings from the first half of the 19th century. Also this is a story about the family of the first Prince of liberated Serbia, who lived here for eleven years, the development of Belgrade bourgeoisie and development of Belgrade as the urban center in whose wery core Residence of Princess Ljubica is situated. The second part of the book gives an overview of the interior of the 19th century Belgrade houses and the selection of the most significant items that are actually represented in the permanent exhibition at the Residence of Princess Ljubica.