Current Exhibitions

Belgrade City Museum does not have a permanent exhibition space for displaying its rich collections. After a number of plans to secure a suitable permanent housing of the Museum have failed, it was allocated the building of the New Military Academy in No. 40b Resavska Street by the Belgrade City Assembly. The building is now being prepared to house the Museum.

Since its founding in 1903, several legacies of eminent Serbian artists and scientists have been donated or handed over for management to the Museum. They now house permanent exhibitions. The Museum also includes the Residence of Princess Ljubica, with the permanent exhibition The Interiors of 19th-Century Homes in Belgrade and the Zemun Home Museum.

The Residence of Princess Ljubica, the Museum of Ivo Andrić, the Archaeological Site of Vinča, the Museum of Paja Jovanović, the Collection of Icons Sekulić and the Museum of the Banjica Concentration Camp are open for visits.

The Zemun Home Museum, the Museum of Jovan Cvijić, the Museum of Toma Rosandić and the Mladenovac Home Museum are currently closed, awaiting reconstruction.

  • Location Belgrade City Museum, Resavska 40b
  • Date March 23 – April 29, 2018
  • Organisation

    Belgrade City Museum and the Swiss Embassy of Belgrade

  • Impressum

    Mario del Curto, author of the exhibition and the exhibited photographs; Céline Mousel, Mirjana Lafata and Marija Stošić, exhibition coordinators; Marija Konjikušić, visual identity; Fragile, production

The exhibition Voyage vers... Humanity’s greening of Planet Earth – photos by Mario del Curto presents the works of the Swiss photographer, Mario del Curto, who has maintained artistic ties with Serbia for many years. It features a story in 300 pictures from Del Curto’s eight-year journey around the world…