Portrait of my mother

  • Era/Century: 20th
  • Author: Beta Vukanović
  • Dating: 1890
  • Material: hardboard
  • Technique: oil on cardboard
  • Dimensions: height 58, width 32 cm
  • ID Number: LBV 12
  • Property: Belgrade City Museum
  • On Display: No

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This is a portrait of a vital elderly lady, shown standing. She wears a black cloaked gown, and has a green hat on her head and a green scarf around her neck. The painter gave merely a hint of the late 19th century dress. Particular emphasis was laid on the depiction of the face. The face is beautiful; it has regular features and pronounced cheekbones. The complexion is pink. The hand is accentuated with white and grey. The background is grey, painted in transparent layers. The painting is signed lower left: "Betta ihrer lieben Mama München".

The portrait was made in Munich, where the painter had lived before she moved to Belgrade. This is one of her early works and in terms of style it is related to Anton Ažbe’s school of painting, which Betta Vukanović attended at that time.


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