• Era/Century: Prehistory
  • Culture: Salkuca IV
  • Site: Prigrevica
  • Dating: 4th Millennium B.C.
  • Material: terracotta
  • Dimensions: height 10,5 cm
  • ID Number: AP 3338
  • Property: Belgrade City Museum
  • On Display: No

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The quadrangular vessel from Prigrevica, decorated with moulded pellets along the side edges and with two lugs and a flat lower part is a rare find of the Salcuţa IV culture discovered in the vicinity of Belgrade. Since these vessels-beakers are typical of the Salcuţa culture, they are important for the study of influences and of the spreading of new cultures caused by the penetration of the tribes from east Hungary and Oltenia into this region,. Finds of this type provide evidence of the movements of immigrants and of the way the native population was affected by cultural and ethnic upheavals. The symbiosis of the old and the new in this territory brought about substantial changes towards the end of the 4th millennium B.C., and finds from this period contribute significantly to our knowledge of a very complex historical and cultural process.

Published in Prehistory


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