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Multiple of Emperor Constantine I

  • Era/Century: Antique
  • Material: gold
  • Technique: forging
  • Diameter: 2,3 cm
  • Weight: 6,7 g
  • ID Number: N 2435
  • Property: Belgrade City Museum
  • On Display: No

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The solidus was introduce by Constantine the Great in 309. Its weight of 4.55 g (1/72 of a Roman pound) remained stable over the centuries. In later times, it was adopted as the Byzantine gold standard. In the early phase of its minting it sometimes bears the mark of value LXXII or OB ( perhaps the Greek number 72 or the abbreviation for obrussa = fire-tested ).

The value of this piece is 1.5 solidi. The obverse shows the Emperor's bust and the inscription IMP CONTANTINVS MAX AVG, while the reverse bears the sun-god Sol and the legend SOLI INVI-CTO COMITI. The mint mark is SIS ( Siscia ).

This gold piece with its legend celebrating the god Sol reveals the state of religious affairs at the time of its minting ( 317 ). Christianity was not to become a state religion until after the Council of Nicaea, called and opened by the Emperor Constantine himself in 325.

The coin formed part of smaller hoard of gold coins found in the village of Ušće near Obrenovac.

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