Author: Jasna Marković

104 pages

16,5 х 21 cm


Belgrade 2010
Језик публикације

Muzej Paje Jovanovića


The Belgrade City Museum celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famous Serbian painter Paja Jovanović by reopening the permanent exhibition dedicated to this outstanding artist and by publishing the guide to the Museum and Legacy of Paja Jovanović. The most famous painter of Serbian Academic Realism bequeathed to Belgrade numerous works, from preliminary sketches to representative portraits and historical compositions already before his death. The bequest includes Paja Jovanović’s paintings, drawings, sketches, painting equipment, personal documents, diplomas and medals, notes and correspondence, a Renaissance Revival portal and a Louis XV drawing room, brought form the painter’s studio in Vienna.

He wanted to bequeath to his City the pieces of his work and items of his painting equipment that he considered “worth preserving”, so that a studio could be set up – the master’s room attracting those who would like to learn something more about him and his art. While reading this book you can penetrate into the artist’s studio and grasp the secret of his creative process.