Author: Adam N. Crnobrnja

171 pages

23.8 x 22.3 cm


Belgrade 2006
400,00 дин

Kultna namena rimskih žižaka u Gornjoj Meziji


A co-publishing project with the Centre for Archaeological Research, University of Belgrade

Although dealing with one of the most thoroughly studied topics in classical archaeology, the book Cult Purpose of Roman Lamps in Moesia Superior stands out for its peculiar approach to the subject. The author ventured into a fruitful, though rarely seen in the body of archaeological literature, analysis of the records of ceramic lamps in antique literary sources, the economic aspects of their use and the context in which they were found. These lamps were a sort of sacred currency and the pledge of the idea of lux perpetua, the esoteric message and a link in the chain of communication between the principles of life and death. They were most commonly used for religious purposes, in temples, and particularly in necropoles. This monograph fills and evident gap in the study of Roman lamps, becoming an inevitable reading on this type of artefacts.