Author: Bisenija Petrović

259 pages

20 x 27 cm


Belgrade 2006
400,00 дин

Kaluđerske livade: nekropola bronzanog doba


With the book Kaluđerske Livade: a Bronze Age necropolis, the Belgrade City Museum continues the tradition of publishing the results of archaeological exploration of prehistoric sites in the territory of Belgrade. Along with the approach commonly used in publishing necropoles (through a catalogue of graves and a typological analysis of finds, an analysis of anthropological remains and burial methods), the author undertook the calculation of the orientation of the graves of cremated bodies based on the fact the urns had been buried in a uniform manner, with their handles oriented in relation to the cardinal points. The orientation towards the east is particularly pronounced. This book is a significant contribution to the knowledge of the Bronze Age Belegiš culture.