Author: Slavica Krunić

455 pages

24 x 29 cm


text in Serbian, summary in English

Belgrade 2011
1500,00 дин

Antičke svetiljke iz Muzeja grada Beograda


The publication Antique Lamps from Belgrade City Museum, authored by Slavica Krunić, PhD, is conceived as a catalogue presenting a group of items from the Antique Collection of the Belgrade City Museum.

The author offers a an accurate, meticulous, detailed, and above all well-founded presentation of lamps and light objects found in the territory of Singidunum, an important civilian and military city in the Roman province of Upper Moesia between the first and fifth centuries AD. More that five hundred whole or fragmented lamps, identified, systematized and classified into 41 types are presented.

The book has a form of a monographic catalogue, a catalogue raisoné. This form of catalogue was introduced into the national museology in the mid-20th century by famous museum professionals, who drew their knowledge from the traditions of modern European scholarship. Unfortunately, in national professional and scholarly literature, catalogues of this type, or publications in which museum holdings are analyzed in detail by applying the latest scholarly achievements, which are listed in the literature cited, are increasingly scarce. This book can therefore serve as a textbook not only for all those who deal with Roman lamps, the archaeology and history of Singidunum, but also for anyone seeking to learn more about the Roman period in this part of the world.

This monographic study was accompanied by the exhibition Recte illuminas: Antique Lamps from Belgrade City Museum, held at the Residence of Princess Ljubica, between June 30 and October 9, 2011.